The pictures above show the same stones before and after cleaning

The Brewster Cemetery has thousands of tombstones and monuments. Many of the older, historic stones are marble and are susceptible to lichen and pollution staining. Lichen, is a living organism, is destructive to tombstones and will over time obscure the inscriptions craftsmanship of the old stone carvers. By holding moisture against the stone it speeds the wear in freezing climates, like we have on Cape Cod, and its roots penetrate the surface and digest the stone as nourishment. Keeping the stones free of lichen and pollution staining is a never ending and expensive task.

The process of cleaning a stone is labor intensive. Chop sticks are used to clean growth out of the lettering and carvings and to scrape off heavy lichen growth. D2 biological solution then is sprayed on the stone. Next, using soft brushes and 10 – 20 gallons of water for rinsing, all four sides of the stone are scrubbed. Finally after the stone is cleaned the D2 biological solution is again applied. It will further clean the stone by eliminating remaining mold, lichen and pollution staining over a period of weeks to months.

We have volunteer work days to clean stones. If you would like to be a volunteer, simply contact us and let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

If you would like to donate, send a tax deductible check to The Brewster Cemetery Association, Box 312, Brewster MA 02631. Fifty dollars will clean one stone.











The pictures above show broken and fallen tombstones in the Brewster Cemetery.

The responsibility for repairing damaged tombstones or resetting fallen stones resets with the owner of thegrave site or their heirs.  Unfortunately, many of the owners of the older, historic stones have passed away and their heirs have left the Cape and can’t be located.

Over the years hundreds of tombstones have fallen over, been damaged by falling trees and limbs or just given out and cracked or broke due to age.  In the last 20 years over $150,000 has been spent repairing and resetting these fallen and broken stones where the owners of the grave sites could not be located to assume the financial responsibility of the repair.  This presents a tremendous burden for the Brewster Cemetery Association, which must marshal its funds for perpetual maintenance of the grounds.

We would greatly appreciate charitable assistance in repairing these stones and maintaining the beautiful, historic appearance of our cemetery.  If you would like to donate, send a tax-deductible check to The Brewster Cemetery Association, Box 312, Brewster MA 02631. Two hundred and fifty dollars should cover the costs of repairing one tombstone.